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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Choking Hazard

And here we are at the end of another productive day at the office. #2 and #3 are swearing at the latest batch of fixes - you know, the kind that roll in at 16.59. We're also discussing whether we should get hold of some t-shirts to advertise our products, preferably at a wet t-shirt contest. On a chick preferably, not on us. None of us have the kind of physique that makes prospective clients drool.

It's irrelevant philosophy o'clock now (To hear #2 yawning, you'd think it's sleep o'clock, but it isn't). Since yesterday's habemus papam, we've been hearing a lot about the new pope, most of which sucks royal wind. Take yesterday for instance. I was buying my daily stock of cigarettes, I overheard these two old slags chatting in the background. So here's my fairly liberal translation from Maltese...

"S'a good thing they elected a German pope"
"Why's that, Mary"
"Cuz them Germans still got a lot to pay for due to WW2, s'about time they start"

I was sort of like... hey, what the hell does producing a pope have to do with that? Let the old man get his backside on the seat at least.

Plus, Ok, I heard he was in the Hitlerjungen when he was a kid, but... er... look, he's sort of 78 bloody years old now, I suppose he got over it in the meantime. Besides, if we're going to nitpick on this sort of thing, we're going to have a VERY long evening. My take on the subject is this: there was a war. It was pretty fucked up, but it's over now. By now, most of the people responsible have been either brought to justice, have croaked, or are about to. It's important not to let it happen again, but hey, repression won't work. They tried that out after WW1 and all they got out of it was WW2.

Back to the new pope thingy... I guess if old John Paul 2 saw fit not to bludgeon him about the head with a big stick, we shouldn't really, either. Time to call it a day and head for home.


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