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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Extreme Measures!!

Ever though about society today?....all the fuss over courteous approach and etiquette….well it seems to me (and today I had proof) that all these hinder from attaining the wanted results and in short it is a load of bollocks!!!

True, to be polite and pleasant can have its benefits, though sometimes a good whack in the head, or mild though very firm and clear verbal contradiction, is seen to have better effects on certain people, especially on superiors. In my opinion to be compliant and accept every remark (no matter how stupid and arrogant) is just not the way. Apart from creating mental frustration upon one’s self, this allows ignorant, egocentric and arrogant beings to trample over your whole being.

While, on the other hand, a good vent to what you really think can open new horizons in the office. That is what I did, and believe me, not only it felt good, but the bugger seemed to have taken the message!!

WARNING: This advice must only be taken if used in small, non-frequent doses. Otherwise make sure you are indispensable to the company you work for, as sometimes such measures can have collateral effects!


Blogger Ex Office Worker #1 said...

See, told you all women are psychotic.

5:36 pm


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