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Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Things got pretty good today. Apart from the fact that #2 managed to throw up a roughly complete database schema overnight, today we received some much appreciated goodies in the form of three stress balls kindly provided by Microsoft. Time to make a public apology to Bill for every time I uttered his name in vain every time Windows crashed on me. Sorry Bill.

Now the thing about stress balls is that they evoke some sort of primal response in humans... In our case we started a highly stress relieving stressball fight, which was particularly vicious due to the fact that these ones were obviously hot off the mould and hard enough to crunch through plate glass (some artistic license here. #3 did complain a bit when I cracked him one on the ribs though.)

It all quietened down when #2 commented that the balls smelled funny. Cue several minutes of us smelling each others' balls.

It's pretty quiet now, and #2 and #3 are philosophising as developers tend to do. Someone drew an amusing picture of Moses carrying the database schema on the whiteboard (just a bit to the left of Rennie the Happy Kangaroo, who should shortly feature on this blog.) and they're arguing that God created the business logic, not the data structure. Poor heathen fools. Every developer knows God created the Kernel, and all came from that.


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