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Monday, April 18, 2005

Life, the universe and the balance of nature.

It sucks being an office worker sometimes, but I guess things can be worse. This afternoon #2, #3 and I wandered off to the park for a design meeting, and witnessed two cats doing some... natural acts in public. Apart from the disturbance caused by #3 when he started lobbing stuff at them to quieten them down, the scene was quite amusing as we speculated on why it was called "doggy" style.

The odd bit was when the cat-lady moved off and turned her back on the cat-gentleman, and he ended up staring at her for the rest of the 30-odd minutes we were there. Now I don't want to sound racist or anything, but it sure looks like women are the same everywhere.


Blogger External Correspondent # 1 said...

That is not being racist.....that is being sexist, and I do not beleive that all women are the same as if that was so.....this world would be chaos!!!

I am enough trouble on my own but you do not know what kind of psychotic people are out there!!!

9:18 am

Blogger Ex Office Worker #1 said...

Hmmm... To be honest, I'm pretty sure that women are another race. How else would you explain the total inability to communicate with men (and men's total inability to communicate with women - see, I'm not racist.) and a million little things they thought we wouldn't notice. It's all part of some messed up conspiracy, I tell you.

As for not knowing what kind of psychotic people are out there... look, I work in I.T., nuff said. While I'm reliably assured that I'm reasonably sane, both #2 and I are slowly breaking out of pyromania, and #3 is too quiet to be normal, so I think he might just be an axe murderer in his spare time.

5:01 pm

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