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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

OW#1 Buys OW#2's Camera

Ok, ok, so, it's nowhere near as industry shattering as "Adobe buys Macromedia", but hey, this is our blog. If you want to read interesting, useful or even remotely sensible stuff, take yourself elsewhere.

Anyway, with EC#2 being safely in custody, we can now resume posting. Occasionally. Like, um, every blue moon. Or two.

Hopefully (but don't quote me on it) I'll be uploading images on a semi-irregular basis. OW#2 still won't model the Micro$oft thong for the blog, but I'm sure we'll get around to convincing him. A big chilli coated pointy stick usually gets his attention.

On the serious (at least, as serious as you cat get in ICT) side of things, we hope to post something about AJAX soon. Javascript is making a miracle comeback Rocky Balboa would be proud of, and as usual, we're not above trying to cash in (or at least grabbing an easy article for the blog.)

Also need to take note of a few web comics, a seriously addictive resource shortly to be taxed at nicotinous levels. First on my recommended list is John & John, a.k.a. Sick Comic. The artist, d!o, is a master in understatement. This comic is sick in the same way that the bubonic plague is sick. On the other hand, it's almost as funny as a roomful of standup comedians on whiskey and nitrogen oxide.

Second up is The Order of The Stick, kindly suggested by EC#1 who against all expectations decided to do something useful for a change. This comic is unlikely to be understood by anyone outside the D&D fraternity, but if you're in, chances are you'll piss yourself here. Chances are that you'll also recognize someone you know from your real life parties in there. Cliche at it's best.

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