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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Back by popular demand

First of all, thanks to all the folks who have been harassing office worker #3 because the blog hasn't been updated in ages.

Nowt much to report really. Gotten back on the local wargaming scene (no, that still doesn't mean I'm gay) and even went shopping (idem) for the first time in years. Since the only articles of clothing I'd bought myself to date were a shirt and a tie(back in 2001 I think) this is largely terra incognita for me. I'm still fairly traumatized with what I saw. Man. Pink shirts. Flowery shirts. And I was reliably assured that I was in a shop for guys. Other than that, I've been listening to a lot of Loreena McKennitt, courtesy of All of MP3. (NO, I'm still straight. Gerroff) Occasionally disturbed, I must add, by #2 and #3 signing along to "The Bonny Swans" off key, off tune and with a complete and blissful ignorance of the lyrics.

Meanwhile, Office worker #2 has been perving about trying to get around the local legislation against soliciting. He's fairly sure he's found a loophole, which is to walk up to people and say "Would you like a piece of..." while holding a sign with his name. Further news of his budding career in gigoloing as we have them.

Office worker #2 hasd also consented to model the M$ thong for the blog tomorrow. Yay! Stay tuned for more thongy action.


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